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BCAA Thoughts...

   I recently realized the benefits of BCAA's and was wondering what you guys take, and when?  Im looking for a quality one.

My diet is bang on, which is the best supplement. I agree with many posts here, why spend countless $'s on supplements, when all you really need are the basics. Of which, as I have realized are BCAA’s.

I started using Amino Vital,1 pre and 1 post W/o, but in also reading, it seems that a 2400mg dose of AV is not enough, for those not familiar with AV here is the breakdown… 1 pack is 2400mg BCAA’s
Gluta-590mg, Leu-500, Isoleu-400, Val-340, Argi-570.

The only other Supps. I use are Multi-Vit, Fish Oil, Whey, and Amino Vital.

Also including the BCAA’s in my Whey (Cytosport complete whey) which I have about 3-4perday. Am I getting enough of what I need or the ones I need, or should be having? should I add others ie Creatine?

Im 6’1, 205lbs, and looking to start putting on some lean muscle, naturally without the aid of any stimulants, or testo-type garbage.

Thanks all!

I use Biotest’s before/after training and in between meals.


Stims and test-boosters aren’t exactly garbage, but anyway, Biotest’s BCAAs are excellent as far as pill-form BCAAs go. If you want to go with a powder-mix BCAA formula, try Xtend by Scivation.