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BCAA Recommendation


Can anyone recommend a decent quality, affordable bcaa? Or in other words, I want the best of both worlds, and if you know where this world is, can you tell me please =>

The brand name & where you got it from would be good too...



I used Animal Nitro combined with Cell-Tech and my results were weren't impressive off that stack. To be honest, the only time I see any point from bcaa's is when doing cardio in the morning. And if you're looking for cheap, go with Optimum nutrition's brand.


CT said in the 20lbs of hollywood muscle to use a BCAA that contains at least 50% of leucine.


I use Optimums brand. For me I only see a benefit when I'm dieting. last 8 weeks: 10grams before workout, 5 grams while workout, and 10 grams after. I do feel it helps me a lot when my bodyfat and calories are low.