BCAA Question

How are you supposed to take these?
Meaning: On an empty stomach with nothing else?
Before and after a workout?
Do they compete for uptake with other supps?

All that I have read tells me how much to take… but none of the sources tell me how it is best taken.

Does anyone have any info on this?

Well, it says between meals, so I’m going to guess the following:

  • Sometimes amino acids have more pronounced effects when taken alone, as their relative plasma concentrations rise quickly and cause a response.

  • Of course, between meals would probably imply on an empty stomach, perhaps due to the above.

I like to take them “before” a meal, such that perhaps they can induce an anabolic state which the meal will provide lots of resources for…

Whether or not it’s precisely correct, that’s what is on my mind when I take them, so maybe that’s half the battle anyway!

To me the most essential times are pre, during, and post workout, along with first thing in the morning and right at bedtime. Another good time is if you aren’t going to be able to eat for an extended time and want amino acids coursing through the bloodstream to stave off catabolism.

Other then that between meals throughout the day. Think of it like an IV in tablet form. Your are (again) keeping these amino acid levels high to induce an anabolic environment.



Good info all.
And yes… they do taste bad in powder form… :Q
and the caps you can buy are wicked expensive.
Good idea about capping your own.

Okay… I’ll keep them on an empty stomach.
Sounds like that would be the best uptake method.

If anyone else runs across and research or info that goes with or against all this… please post.
The whole BCCA seems to be a hot topic right now… but still a mystery on their use and dosage.