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BCAA Protocol


I got some minor questions about BCAA’s. As of now I am at 5g/10g/10g pre/durint/post Workout and only take some during my training days.
I started this 2 months ago and in the end its just like a fix. I am more than happy with this supplement.

Now I got 2 questions:

  1. Would adding BCAA servings during my off days favorise recuperation? Knowing I already have massive protein intakes.

  2. I was thinking of adding a serving during the night and I would like your opinion on this, would it really be usefull to prevent catabolism (I would say yes)? But as for results would it really matters in the end (this I am not sure).

Please let me know if u want further infor about me.

Later, Alex.

did you just save “favorise”? LOL

I have a thread on T-Cell Alpha that got some good replies.

I personally don’t see a need to use BCAA any time other than peri-workout and in the morning upon waking. (I personally also pop a few tabs after a long cardio session as I like to jog and bike a lot because I am weird)

As for taking them at night, you are better off eating some slow digesting protein before bed.

  1. Take BCAAs everyday. You can afford to take less on non-training days but it is still great for recovery

  2. Dont wake up in the middle of the night for a meal. Counter productive. Take a slow digesting protein and BCAAs before you go to bed


  1. Upon waking and in the middles of the afternoon for non training days I suppose (even though I already got protein based [real food] collation at that time) right?

  2. The thing is that I already wake up every night to take a leek… (and I’m only 22 :x). But would it be usefull to add something at that time knowing I already take a casein shake before going to bed.

Thanks guys for the replies.

If you are waking up anyway, and you can afford it I would have a shake during the night. Not sure about BCAAs.

If i took a shake I would be up an hour later again xD.

you said favorise…

Yeah, promote, whatever, english’s obviously not my first language ^^’