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BCAA, Protein Shakes, and Carbs PWO

Hi everyone,
I have been using the Poliquin super dosing protocol with BCAA around my training. approximately 20g before/during and 20g after. Very effective.

I have read that BCAA are used in priority to Whey protein (so taking both together is a waste of the protein), so i take BCAA’s with some simple carbs immediately after training and leave the protein shake until 20-30 minutes later, which i take with minimal carbs.

It may be unimportant but i was wondering if i was timing my simple carbs (maltodextrin, glucose) correctly. Should I be taking my BCAA’s with simple carbs or my protein?

Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.

Define ‘very effective.’ What have you noticed from mega dosing like this?

Can you please cite the source about not combining Whey and BCAAs? If what you say is true, then the ‘science’ behind Surge is wrong; every serving of the newer flavors has about 13g of BCAA I believe, and that is a touted benefit to Surge. Surely, they would not play up something that would be worthless as you state…

I am considering adding powdered BCAA to my shakes. 20g to Pre/Peri, 20g to PWO.

I will check on my sources but i believe that Justin Harris (troponin, Elitefts etc) spoke about it. I have read that your body utilised the BCAA in preference to the whey so giving it 20 minutes or so allowed the BCAA’s to do their thing. Then take the protein shake.

BCAA effectswise, I have found that BCAA particularly doing cardio first thing in the morning, i have tons more energy. Normally i feel flat and lifeless, kind of half assed about my cardio in the morning. a slightly smaller dose of 10g of BCAA’s before gives me some serious go.

For weights, i have just found that i go harder and heavier and feel less soreness. I am dieting to lose fat so i wasnt expecting strength to go up significantly. With BCAA’s i am continueing to get stronger.

What i originally wanted to know was whether i needed the insulin spike for the BCAA’s or the Whey…or Both…or neither. It is working well as it is. But i am curious to see if i can make it even better.

I have checked everywhere and i cannot find this info anywhere. So basicly it looks like i will now be consuming BCAA’s with protein and simple carbs immediately post workout.

Maybe THAT will work even better.

Sorry for wasting your time.

On a more positive note, I highly recommend big doses of BCAA’s around workouts (check Poliquins articles if interested). My weight is continueing to drop, but it seems to be more focused on fat loss. Muscles becoming more and more defined and strength actually improving across the board.