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BCAA Powders?


i recently ordered some bulk bcaa powder from nutraplanet. this stuff tastes horrible and it doesn't mix well at all. and it doesn;t have any kind of nutrition label. are other bcaa powders similar or did i buy a fucked up supplement?


I don't have much experience with BCAA, but all i've ever heard is that they all taste horrible and also mix poorly. I bought a tub from ON recently and the opinions were right - taste/mix both bad. Well, actually I find that the mixing problem isn't so bad. But it tastes kinda like rubber or latex? It's weird...

I just put a tablespoon in a small glass, fill it with some water and down it fast. It's do-able.


Put a scoop in your mouth and wash it down.

I can dissolved about 50-60 grams of BCAAs in about a liter of crystal lite.

Gotta play around with the mixtures a bit.


All BCAA powders taste like ass unless they're flavored/sweetened. Your best bet is to mix it with something. Kool Aid, fruit juice, protein powder, doesn't really matter.


well thats good news then. i wrote the customer support and they said its just bcaa in a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, valine. so no label needed i guess.

and i found i can get it to mix better (though not that great still) by shaking it.

thanks guys


From my experience, BCAAs are hydrophobic, so don't expect them to mix. Also, they taste like feet, but that shouldn't matter to a T-man anyway.

Because they won't mix, I just throw a scoop in mouth and wash it down with water. That way, I'm sure none is lost in the container.


25g of whey contains 5g of Bcaas why the fuck are you wasting your money?



Anyways, my reccomendation is to mix it with something and let it sit. For my workout drink (Glutamine, Purple Wraath, Creatine), I mix all of it with some Crystal Lite, shake it up, then let it sit for fifteen minutes. The taste is still pretty horrible, but the powder seems to dissolve better.


Yeah...the stuff is so nasty it actually hinders my performance after I eat it in bulk...basically due to the constant gag reflex
I get for the next few hours.

I've read on numerous occasions that crystal light does the trick. Or try kool-aid packets like I usually do with anything that tastes bad (without adding the sugar of course).


I've had good luck with the essential amino acid powders and the following mixture as a pre and during workout drink: 3 tablespoons powder (about 22 grams), powdered gatorade, enough for 32 oz, and 4 sugar substitute packets. I've gotten better results from this than just about anything else I've tried. It doesn't taste all that great, but it isn't bad either.


It tastes like likes shit. I just suck it up and drink it. I've just gotten used to it.


I find that if throw 5-10g into a water bottle and shake it up it doesnt mix that well, but if I let the water bottle sit for like 10-15 minutes it ends up dissolving, just takes a little time.


      Probably because a lot of guys like to ingest a lot more than a paltry 5g dude. And there are times when you might take it without a load of protein too.

           I never seen so many guys whine about the taste of something that delivers so much for so little compared to the rest of the crap that guys blow money on.

             Toss it in a blend of crystal light or a carbed juice and give it a whisk and be done with it and down the shit.


I came in to post this as well. If you want it to dissolve don't waste your time stirring it in a glass. Get yourself a shaker cup and shake it up. Wait a little while, shake more. Keep doing this until it's dissolved.

I add crystal light to the mix as well b/c it tastes like I imagine fire ant killer would without it. I noticed however that the kind of mix I get (the cheaper walmart version) has maltodextrin listed as an ingredient, but is not counted in the nutritional facts. Is this b/c they don't have to list it or because it's less than 1/2 a gram?


Like inthezone said, 5g isn't a lot.


I switched from BCAA powder to Leucine powder a while ago. Apart from being much cheaper, Leucine is the anabolic brute of the 3, as we all know.

For anabolism, I've never understood chugging down BCAA or leucine alone, so I mix leucine with hydrolysed whey (periworkout) or whey concentrate (whenever). Otherwise, you may have mTOR signalling, but with no other aminos to work with... I can't see it being very anabolic.

I can see why alone it would be useful for an anti-catabolic effect though.

Anyone else just use Leucine?


I'm not sure of the quality, but SciFit BCAA powder is ridiculously cheap, like under $60 for 1K grams. Personally I like the convenience of tablets though.


Buy the capsules in bulk. Cap up the powder. Bad taste issue solved.


I have heard bad things about SciFit in regards to quality. And, for the record, that's still too expensive.

For high quality BCAAs and other bulk powders, hit up superiornutraceuticals.com 35 bucks gets you a kilogram. Shipping is fast. I've been extremely pleased with them. I used Biotest's tabs until I started taking mega doses of BCAAs, so I then switched to powder.

Again, I can't say enough good things about Superior.


I use NP bulk BCAA too. Tasted horrible at first but now its hardly even bad, you might get used to it.