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BCAA Powder


Hey guys - Ever since T-Nation released the BCAA tablets, I've realized that it may be a good idea to start taking them. But, I don't feel like poppin 20 pills a day and am interested in buying reasonably priced, high quality BCAA powder. Performance comes first and taste isn't a priority. Anyone know of any good places to get it from? Thanks!


Get a mortar and pestle and grind up the pills, or if your blender is powerful enough (get a Vitamix blener - best blender on the market), just pop in the pills with your protein shake.


A mortar and pestle will grind up these pills? I did that for others in the past but didn't know that these don't lose their power if grinded up or if there was some reason that grinding them up would be bad. Can anyone verify this?


I historically purchase a ten pound jug of BCAA's from www.trueprotein.com at $19.99 per pound (the more pounds you buy, the greater the discount). The BCAA ratio is 2:1:1 for Leucine:Valine:Isoleucine.


You might as well go for 11 lbs, at 11 you pass the next price barrier and it's only 18.99 a lb, you can get that extra pound of BCAAs for like 9 bucks.


I dont get the idea of just straight BCAA. I remember getting a bottle of amino acids a while ago...by twinlab. It has every amino acid...including the BCAA..and it was cheaper?


in that case, are you not just buying hydrolyzed protein in liquid form? bcaa'a are a whole other monster than just straight protein.