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BCAA Powder = Nausea

Whether I have my BCAA powder with water or with my protein shake with chocolate powder and honey I feel like I’m going to be sick.

Any thoughts on this?

The pills are fine but I just spent a load of cash on a big thing of BCAA powder :frowning:

You may just need a little time to adjust to it. Are you taking quite a bit at one time? What brand are you using?


Mix it with Crystal Light.

I tried mixing it with crystal light the first time i tried it, if it was in a shaker it might have been ok. You’ll get used to it, if you have a shaker shake the shit out of it with whatever liquid you’re using and you’ll be alright, just dissolve it the best you can.

not a fan of the powder either; but like yo said…its cheaper.

do you take it on an empty stomach and feel sick?