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BCAA Powder Legit?

I’ve ordered BCAA powder off and on for a number of years and have never seen a product that looks like this powder does. What do you guys think? Is this just a really fine instantized powder? It does seem to have that awful taste that plain BCAAs do.

I don’t want to reveal the brand yet, but the company does have a pretty good reputation.

I drinking Amino Energy and the powder looks like that. Just drink it, and if you don’t die than you’ll be fine! Haha

Looks fine to me but theres no real way to tell, Ive used brands that were a fine powder such as that

Didn’t realize anyone replied!

Found out the BCAAs are sourced from scivation and its the same stuff they put in xtend. Anyway, they had overstock and the company bought it in bulk for cheap.