BCAA Optimal Ratio?

Hi guys! I am going to start sampling with BCAA and see if there is an effect. On the website I buy my supplements from, there are two options for ratios: 2:1:1 and 4:1:1 There is very little difference in price so the only consideration is which ratio is best.

Finally, I have read online BCAA dosages and when to take it. Some places say to take it between meals to extend the protein synthesis effect from the food you have eaten, some say to take it straight after your training session. How much do I take and when?


If you eat protein there is no need for BCAAs. Waste of money.

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Yep, Lucas nailed it.

Took me about 10 minutes to find this, so please watch it if you actually care about facts. Bro science has its place, but the research done by (and reviewed by) Dr Schoenfeld is unrivaled.