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BCAA Mega-Dosing Protocol


when mega-dosing bcaas, obviously u want lots pre, during, and postworkout. But throughout the rest of the day , is it best to take them before meals, between meals, with meals, or directly after meals?

I have heard they spike ur insulin so I am a bit weary of when to take them when not working out.


CT�??s BCAA Protocol

5 servings 10 grams per day (i.e. about 4 to 8 Biotest BCAA tablets):

  1. Upon waking up (especially if you engage in pre-breakfast cardio).

  2. Between breakfast and lunch.

  3. Between lunch and supper.

  4. Mid-evening.

  5. Before going to bed.


do BCAA loading , like Berardi recommend


so the insulin response from the BCAAs between meals that are only 2.5-3 hours apart will not be detrimental?


Read Berardi's post tagged 12-08-2006, 07:49 PM in this page.



well from reading that, I seem to gather that perhaps it would have a negative impact on body composition if one sipped BCAA's between meals?


Huh? That's not what I read. It's not what I've come to understand, either. I read that he said that by regularly taking BCAA's between meals, he stays leaner. Is that a negative impact?


Is this the post u are referring to:

"The evidence is pretty clear that in/around the workout, BCAA have a powerful impact on protein balance and metabolism.

Between meals - I don't know. If you're on a lower carb or calorie diet, the BCAA may help stabalize blood glucose and even prevent some protein losses. This was discussed in the article.

But if you're on a higher calorie/protein/carb intake - I don't see any clear mechanisms for BCAA being really beneficial between meals - unless you go REALLY long between them. "


Nope. It's the following:

[i]"This is a pretty huge thing to kick out there. Got any evidence?

My opinion - no, for most healthy folks, insulin resistance and adult onset diabetes are not a natural consequence of infrequent increases in blood insulin when these occur in and around the exercise period.

If they occur frequently and in the absence of exercise - one might increase their chances of diabetes later in life - but by no means is there a direct correlation - even in this scenario."[/i]


so the insulin spike from the BCAAs between meals would be minimal? not detrimental at all to lean mass gains?


You probably wouldn't wanna listen to a newb in the business of eating right and lifting weights like myself, but here it goes nonetheless...

At this point in time, there is not enough data to tell whether it's detrimental or not. You can tell by the ambivalence of the doc's replies in the post I linked to previously and the following one.


It's not that he's answering the question, but as a scientist, he carefully avoids being too assertive on things that haven't been studied in deep.

At the end of the day, and in such still-obscure-areas, you should go by the experience of other people. Nobody ever complained from taking extra BCAAs through supps. In fact, it's the opposite. BCAAs are praised by athletes around the globe. Heck, there was a "spot the fake" article a few months ago about the potential of BCAAs to make you drag your ass to the gym. In short, I'd say that any detriment of the insulin spikes is outweighed by the edge amino acids supplementation give you.