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BCAA Made From Hair


(This is copied/paste from someone else) That is correct. I emailed TrueProtein about this and they said they do not plan to offer vegan EAAs in the near future due to cost. You are correct about Ajinomoto as well, their products are not derived from animals. I also emailed NOW Foods because they released "Amino 9 Essentials" this month. Here is their response....


Leucine tends to be derived from hair or feathers. The other aminos are vegetarian and made via microbial fermentation.

Thank you for your inquiry,
NOW Science & Nutrition Group"

Im hiring this guy when I start my new company.

L-cysteine- http://www.vrg.org/blog/2011/03/09/l-cysteine-in-bread-products-still-mostly-sourced-from-human-hair-duck-feathers-hog-hair/


Chris Shugart actually mentioned that at one point in the Indigo livespills.

Interesting, but TBH doesn't really matter to me. They could be making them from toad buttholes and I'd probably still use them as long as they a) show up looking NOTHING like what they're made from and b) deliver good results.


its crazy what random shit is made into everyday things in this world


Atually, what's impressive to me is how efficient market forces are at taking the wastes of one industry and turning them into the raw materials of another.


For decades whey had been disposed of as a byproduct of milk processing.


Please don't tell me what it's actually made of!


Who cares they're made out of hair or feathers?

I mean, it contains no blood, meat, or dairy, and animals don't have to be killed for it to be extracted.


I've got some great hair. I should make my own Leucine. I'd drink that shit