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BCAA -- Kelly?

Hey Kelly, I plan on doing a keto diet and mixing in some rather hard core training. I was wondering what your recomendations for BCAA’s are in a keto diet? I noticed on the BCAA’s I bought that there are some carbs listed on the macronutrients. Will this be detrimental to my goal of reaching ketosis?

And sorry if this question seems foolish, but I’ve been trying to find glutamine to take, but I only find glutosamine. With the glutosamine there is approx. 1.5g of glucosamine, and I was hoping you could point me to where I can get a better source of glutamine, since taking 15-20 glucosamine pills a day would drive me mad. Thanks for the help.

If you go to the most recent “Iron Dog” q&a by Don Alessi I believe there are some good recomendations on how to use BCAA&glutamine on a low carb diet but anyway, basically take as much as you can afford but you should see some results taking at least 10 grams before and another 10 grams after your workout (BCAA). The BCAA you’re taking will interfere with ketosis if it contains enough carbs but if it’s only a couple of grams I would’t worry about it. I have never heard of glutosamine but you can find bulk glutamine and bcaa if you go to intensitymagazine.com

You bought a glucosamine product which is supposed to help protect your joints. This is a totally different thing then glutamine. You can usually find some pretty cheap glutamine on line but I think your better taking a protein blend as it is cheaper and most of the time contains a substantial amound of glutamine. One other thing, if your on a keto diet take some ALA with your post workout carbs (which you should do even if your on a keto diet) I take 500 mills with my post workout shake and with any other carb meals. It will make the veins pop out of your forearms when it starts working, pretty cool!

Thanks Kelly and Horace. I appreciate it.