BCAA: How Much to Really Use?

So after reading “Refined Physique Transformation”, it is recommended to take anywhere from 25-45g of BCAA on workout days…Holy fucking shit.

If I were to take Optimum capsules, that would be 90 capsules swallowed during workout on the high end, and about 50 on the low end…

That is 9 scoops of Universal BCAA Stack on the high end, 5 scoops on the low end.

Is this really necessary during a cutting phase?

If so, can I have some suggestions on what/where to buy the best value quality combo? I prefer just the straight stuff without that artificial flavor and added chemicals…

PS. I don’t get the whole artificial flavoring crap for things like this anyway…I am not drinking this shit for pleasure, just give me the raw shit, let me chug it (who cares if it tastes bad) and lets go.


In my personal opinion, anything under about 20g is nearly worthless. This isn’t something you want to get “just enough of”, you want to have an abundance of the amino acids in your system, more than enough no matter what you are doing. People sometimes look at peri-workout nutrition like they do a starvation diet for whatever reason, when they should look at it as a competitive eating contest. You might end up throwing a little bit of money away, but I’d rather do that than hinder results because I thought 15g of bcaa’s was enough to get me through a rough ME squat session.

How about a fuckload of protein?