BCAA, Glutamine and C4 Extreme

Hey guys. I was curious to see when is the best time to take these supplements ?. I know C4 needs to be taken at pre workout. I also heard BCAA needs to be taken at pre & post workout & Glutamin also pre & post workout. Is it true ? and if it’s true then is it ok to mix these supplements ?.

I am asking this because i am scared that i’ll be drinking more instead of eating and will be pissing like a horse. 1 8oz with a scoop of BCAA & then C4 with an 8Oz water 1 scoop & then Glutamin also. ANy input will be great. Thanks

Your wasting your money with glutamine unless your taking it for gut health.

Don’t have any idea what c4 is but weather or not you need the BCAA’s would depend on factors you haven’t included in you OP so there is no way to know.

i got the glutamine free after i got my protein but c4 extreme is my preworkout but should i take bcaa wirth my preworkout by the way for best solutions is it good to take 3 times a day 8 capsules each