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BCAA/EAA Protein:Carb Ratio When Dieting


BCAA/EAA Protein:Carb Ratio When Dieting period of time prefer diets that are not high protein and low carb for the fear of using protein as energy and also because of the protein sparing effects that carbs may have.

My question is do bcaas and eaas factor into this.
For instance if one ate 250g of protein but they consumed 3 or 4 servings of eaas would that basically be like eating over 300g of protein?
And could the body use this for energy over carbs even though they only contain trace calories?


Hows the weightloss and strength going? If you have no issues dont fret or feel the need to add or change anything.

The BCAA component of protein can get used as fuel for the muscles and prevents the body needing to breakdown its own muscle. You are totally safe to add these supplements as this is what you expect them to do. But dont feel you have to add them if you are getting a decent amount of protein. The additional aminos in a full protein sources and EAAs are more likely to be used for Gluconeogenesis if you are not getting enough carbs. But your diet contains plenty enough for this not to be a concern.

Just so long as protein isnt your dominant macro you will be fine. I hope you arent over thinking things at this stage of the game. Worrying is going to be more detrimental than your actual diet! Maybe update your diet thread with what you are doing currently if youve changed anything.


I started pulsing with humapro and using bcaas for the past week and a half but I quit today because I felt like it was kind of a waste at this point.

My strength is still fine and I weigh 246 still after waking.