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BCAA Downregulation

Do Branch Chain Amino Acids lose some of their effectiveness for recovery and hypertrophy when taken more frequently?

I work out three times a week, twice a day on those days; I am thinking about taking BCAAs with my morning workouts as well as with my afternoon workouts. Training is OL; morning workouts consist of comp lifts and assistance exercises, afternoon workouts consist mostly of squats and strength assistance exercises.

Any replies appreciated,

Ross Hunt

your body is in constant protein turnover so i don’t think there would be any downregulation. realize that there are bcaas in most parts of your protein diet. laters pk

so you take them 6 times a week? that is less than once per day. and as was stated, bcaa s are in the food that you eat anyway. it shouldnt be a problem.

Thanks, guys. That’s what I figured.