BCAA Dosing while on Vacation

So I’m going to be going on vacation for about 5-6 days in a few weeks (sweet!) and just bought some Biotest BCAAs. I wanted to know from you regular BCAA users what would be a good amount to take daily in order to get the right amount.

I’m probably only going to take them 2x a day (morning, night) just for convenience.

I haven’t used BCAAs in about 18mo so I forget most of the dosing protocols.

I’m 6-1 and 205lbs and plan to eat low protein and lower calories this week.

I’m going to do my best to keep my food intake healthy; but it’s not going to be 100%.

It seems as though no one wants to touch this one with a 20 ft pole…

while I am not knowledgeable enough to say “take X grams Y times per day”, I can say that I remember seeing that as little as 5 grams of bcaa’s can stop catabolism (probably more for bigger guys, less for little wimps like me). it may be most beneficial to take 5+ grams in the middle of the two times of day when you go the longest without food. also, if you’re having a pre-bed shake, they might not be necessary then.

I would take 5g with breakfast and 5g before bed and not worry about it throughout the rest of the day and enjoy my vacation.

i don’t hold back and feel good about CP’s recommendation

0.2g/LB peri-workout
0.2g/LB between meals on non-strength training days

i would finish the bottle by the end of the week =D
but at least take 10 pills twice a day during your vacation

i don’t think i would sleep well if i took them at bedtime

Take as much as possible. My goal would be to take the whole bottle while on vaca. Split up the dosages between meals and make sure to have some before bed and upon rising before breakfast. If you’re able to lift, then take them pre peri and post depending on your protein situation.


Get some great opposing opinions from guys who know their shit.

thanks for the thoughts everyone.

i figure i’ll be killing all 250 caps in my time away. that’s the only reason why i bought the bottle. (and b/c it’s shiny!)

shit ur on vacation. take a vacation from your nutrition plan. what’s worst could happen. gain 1 .lb? :stuck_out_tongue: