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BCAA Dosage


I get a BCAA capsules and it says to take 4 capsules after workout, but i was talking to my friend and he said you should take over 12 BCAA capsules or they are not effective. Is this correct?


Well, there are different schools of thought on this. Charles Poliquin advises taking upwards of 7 kilograms of Poliquin-brand BCAA in every workout (Non-Poliquin BCAA will cause your spleen to ignite...check pubmed, it's all there).

If I am in a carb-depleted state, I typically take 10g pre and 10g during, with noticeable results. If I've had some carbs, I reduce this to 5g and 5g.


Do you like the effects you get from the pills? Ive always thought a powder is better when its possible.


i don't like the taste of most powders, and i find taking pills the easiest