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BCAA Dosage on a Cut


The question has already been answered i was just posting up an update, thanks...

Hey guys I'm currently on a cut, and picked up some BCAAs to help me save as much muscle as I can. My question is how many do I take and when should I take them? The bottles says to take two caps 2 or 3 times everyday. This doesn't seem right to me because the guys I train with take them by the hand-full during training (atleast 10 at a time before and after). Can someone let me how many I should be taking and when?

Heres whats in the bottle
L-Valine 800 mg
L-Leucine 800 mg
L-Isoleucine 400 mg

Thanks a lot!


Depends on your calories and meal timing. No universal answer here.

Just an example, JB's get shredded diet:

4 times a day 5g of BCAA at 10xBW in cals.


alright sounds good, I just need to figure out how many grams are in each cap lol.

Does anyone else have something to add? Any info would be great!


0.2g/LB peri-workout.

i need to read more about off days?? but currently downing 4-6g about 4-5 times day. please post back with your results after you try them for a couple months.

and re-check your bottle's serving size since i doubt one pill has that much BCAA??


thats not that much BCAA per serving :S

and you can honestly get as much as you can afford imo...

I get between 20-30g during training...



That serving size is two pills

Too day I took 4 pills when I woke up, and another 3 before my workout, and 3 after. I might take a little more tonight, does that sound alright to start out on? I'm just confused about how many grams are in each serving of two pills?


On second look It looks like six caps is about the same as 6gs of BCAA? Correct me if I'm wrong. The brand is ultimate nutrition massive bcaa. These are the shits compaired to Biotest haha. I would have got the Biotest brand but i don't have a paypal account or a credit card yet... :frowning:


I've found that the powders are cheaper than the pills, so if you can just add a few scoops to water, or any other periworkout drink (or pre, or post), you'd be well suited.



and if your a person who bitches about the fact that the bcaa powders don't mix just do what I do...throw the powder in your mouth and chase it with some water or whatever it is you drink during your workout.


This is a discussion on BCAA that might help. http://www.elitefts.com/documents/bcaa.htm I bought 10 bottles of Biotest BCAA before I read this. I will continue to use what I have especially peri-workout as suggested.


I take 2 with every meal (6-7 Meals a day)and usually 12 during my workout and it has really seemed to help me keep my muscle and strength. They are prob one of my top rated supps


Thanks a lot for all the help guys!


HawaiilifterMike already posted that link. lol. Good read either way. Im a fan of Justin Harris and Layne Norton; they say thumbs up.

Nvm, above post was deleted I guess.


800mg + 800mg + 400mg = 2000mg = 2g per serving

If one serving is two caps, then each cap has 1g.


Just an update for those who were intrested.... Ive been taking roughly 20-30gs of BCAAs during training (6gs before, 6gs during, 6gs after + the bcaa's in my protein), I'm down about 20lbs now (7lbs since op) and I really haven't lost any strength since i was 205lbs. DG ive been poping the powder in my mouth and chasing it with water it works great! Thanks again for all the help guys and I'll put up some before and after pics before my trip to cuba in a month.

Since the op ive gone switched to powder bcaas because its A LOT cheaper...