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BCAA / Creatine Usage

1.) BCAA’s before/during/after a workout or in between meals during the day? Trying to add size… will be eating 40g carbs/protein before and after workouts was thinking about switching BCAAs to between meals even though usually I take them pre/during/post workout… Any advice on that matter?

2.) I take 5g of Creatine pre/post workout… When i do take the creatine its in a seperate drink than my protein shake (water or grape juice). Is it okay to put the creatine in the protein shake, I never have for some reason thinking that it won’t get fully absorbed is this true??

3.) My lifting schedule is one day on one day off… On my off days im going to start going to a boxing gym to improve my fighting skills (plus its a great workout) Should my pre/post workout nutrition for days I will be boxing be the same as the days Im weight training?

If anyone can help on any of these questions that would be great.


BCAA’S best taken whilst your training and I always mix my creatine with a post workout carb drink like Vitargo!
Before I train I have a protein shake with creatine too as well.

Awesome only going to down one pre/post drink now :slight_smile:

But about the BCAAs if their whole piont is to halt catabolism and im eating 40g of carbs before and after taking them pre/post shouldnt be neccesary right? Im still going to take them during though, in waterburys muscle revolution he suggests takin them between meals
lol ur avatAr pic is tripped out

I somewhat follow Thibs guideline for doing this.

2 hrs before training - 5 grams of creatine, 5 grams of glutamine
30 minutes before training - 5 grams of glutamine, 5 grams of BCAA
15 minutes before training - 15 grams of protein powder, plus 5 -10 grams of BCAA
1 minute before work out - 8 grams of BCAA

During workout - 20 grams of BCAA, 10 grams of GLUTAMINE(in water)

AFter workout - 40-50 grams of protein , 10 grams of creatine, 15-20 grams of glutamine, 10 grams of BCAA

Well your following what Thib says for leaning down im entering a building phase but yea your routine im sure works well thats alot of bcaa’s! how many tablets would that be lol

its a lot of tablets, so thats why i buy the powder and the tablets. I like to take the powder all by itself and then flush it down with water. You could always be fancy about things, and buy a pill-kit and fill it with powder. I believe the article where Thib outlines his supplement usage is in his transformation articles. His program actually uses more BCAA…and i guess the more you can afford the better