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BCAA/Creatine In PWO Drink?


should i put a teaspoon of my bcaa powder in my pwo drink(gatorade powder and creatine mono) or wait to have it 15 mins later with my whey?


ON brags about its BCAA profile, so I'm going to jump out there and say it's ok to take BCAA's PWO.

I take BCAA caps from this site + creatine in my PWO.


Why do you not put all the ingredients into one shake? Why a separate protein shake and a separate BCAA + Creatine + Insulin shake?


Agreed. Maybe the whey makes the Gatorade taste nasty, or vice versa?


I dunno, currently I'm rolling with a Orange Gatorade powder and a vanilla whey mix... tastes great! I think when this is out I'll give some Biotest stuff a shot.