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BCAA Consumption Supplementation


I'll probably get chastized for asking this when there's been an appreciable amount of it in the back pages of the forum, but there's been an awful lot of conflicting dosage information on BCAA consumption and what the correct dosages would be.

I'm looking to put on a good amount of weight, and am just starting to use them. I'm just looking to get as many opinions on the subject as humanly possible, so any information would be appreciated.


Looking to get swole take as much as you can afford in short its one supp that IMO more is better. stack it with hard work, food and rest



Its def. expensive. But, if you can afford them, take alot.


I have enough room in my budget to buy 2 bottles each month, which from everything I'm reading, should be enough, that's 500 capsules. I want to take 18g prior to a workout, and after a workout, just as Poliquin suggests.

That would be 0.2g per kg of bodyweight, but if I'm reading much of this correctly, should BCAA consumption be saved strictly for your workouts, or should you take it on your days off, too? My current thinking is that it's just something to take during your workouts, but take a hell of a lot of it then.


It/they can be good any time. remember you grow, recover and progress OUT of the gym



As much as I love Biotest products, I'm going to recommend powdered BCAA's if you're on a budget. Generally they're cheaper, and if you get a good brand it should be about the same quality.

I buy the Biotest brand BCAA's every other month, just because it's a lot more practical to have them in pill form. But when I'm on a budget I go with the powdered form.