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hi everyone!

I’m currently on a tribulus cycle (at my 5th week) to raise up T and willing to stop it due to unwanted effects. I have a very little dump in my left nipple. The doctor say it’s raising up my estrogen too and what I have is the beginning of a breast. It’s nothing big … my nipple only look a bit sore.

I’m thinking about replacing it by BCAA. Is it good when bulking and trying to put on muscle mass? Did anyone tried it and experienced gains ? If yes, how much and when were you taking it ? Finally, do you guys think I will have the same breast problem with BCAA ?

Thanks for any answer/comment !


Read this link on BCAA’s and you will have a MUCH better understanding of them then you do now. From the nature of your question it is clear you need much more knowledge regarding supplements then you currently have. www.getbig.com/articles/protein.htm

They won’t affect your breast tissue.


which Tribulus are you taking?