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BCAA and Timing

Ok so I start taking some BCAA’s when they arrive in the mail, and was wondering when you think is the optimal time to take them. I was thinking halfway through my workout, at night if i wake up (don’t want to set an alarm and disturb my sleep), and maybe someother times if you think that would be helpful. thanks.

I take 5 right when I wake up. Just keep the bottle and a bottle of water next to your bed. This also makes it easy to take if you do wake up to take a leak.

I’d also take 5 preworkout, 10 split up during my workout, then 5 post workout all along with my Surge.

It may seem like a lot, but Charles Poliquin reccommends 20-40g for any results. Thus far, my recovery has been insanely quick with this much BCAA’s.

IMO the bare minimum would be first thing in the morning, before and after workout, last thing before bedtime. I hit em at those times and have a handfull about every two to three hours through the day.