BCAA and Rest Time?

Hello all;
I am planning on starting on a high dosage BCAA program, along with my protein and vitamins. At the moment i give my muscles two days inbetween workouts for recovery, (roughly 70 hours rest from the time I lift my last set to the time restart my first set) i find it is plenty for myself and i have been seeing good results.

My Question to all you knowledgeable folks out there is: Since Bcaa promote muscle recovery is my current rest between muscle groups too long or too short, or should i keep my workout schedule the same?

Also since i am already posting, is there anything i should do well on BCaa other then my normal workouts? I do cardio every morning and plan on taking a dosage of bcaa before that, I also work out 5-6 times a week.

Thank you all and looking forward to reading the replys.

I’m not sure what your workouts are like, but I have been taking more BCAA than before and I have been very active. I’ve been taking BCAAs in the 30g a day range. I’ve been taking them before and after long hikes and rides and notice I am ready to hit the weights the next day. I am also leaner than I would be without them. If I wasn’t as active and only lifted weights I’m sure I could put a few lbs on. I definately think you need less rest, or time away, with higher dosages.

I’m thinking of taking a higher dosage in the future, so keep us updated on how it goes. I do wonder at what point you waste the BCAA’s. I hear of people taking more than I do all day during their workout.