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BCAA and Protein Drinks


Do you still think one needs to take BCAAs peri-workout even if they are taking a protein drink with all the necessary amminos? I don't know how much is enough. I was considering buying some, but it seems like it might be redundant.


Dr. Berardi says adding them into your dose of Surge will give you a boost, but I think it's a bigger deal for people who are cutting and on a calorie deficit that don't want the calories of a full w/o drink. I was taking them but stopped because it felt a bit redundant.

Probably depends on the peri-workout drink as well. I think if you're taking ANACONDA and MAG-10 they are probably not necessary.


I've read that it's pretty much a waste if you are lifting in a fed state. If you are fasted however, you may want to consider some BCAA


Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.


really? how so


i think adding in BCAA's would be beneficial but not absolutely necessary. why not try adding them in and see if you recover better

CT and Poliquin have recommended mega-dosing BCAA's at 45 grams per session, FWIW


BCAA can be used directly by your mitochondria. I love these periworkout: 0.2g/LB. i've used a little bit of juice or dried fruit pre-workout and that's cool but prefer the BCAA's (and i am not cutting or in any sort of protein deficit). it's not too expensive just to try and see if you like it.


Starnes, Poliquin, Waterbury, and Layne Norton - just 4 names that recommend the use of BCAAs.

I take them perhaps every other workout, while using a Pepto Pro formula the rest of the time. Not only are you covering all the angles with this strategy, the cheaper BCAAs also ensure your expensive peri-workout casein hydrosylate lasts much longer.