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BCAA and Cardio, Results

So as anyone who’s read some of my posts, I’m currently at the end of my 100 days from ripped city cut. The cut has been successful overall and I’ve gone down to about 7-8% BF from around 12. Not too shabby, anyways…

So my g/f asks if I want to go in a 10 mile race at the end of the month (coincidentally the very last day of my cut) and I say sure sounds like fun.

Now aside from the pre breakfast fasted cardio, I haven’t done serious running in a LONG time.

So I figured I’d start with adding a session of HIIT in addition to the morning cardio to get my muscles ready. Well I didn’t want to have too much muscle wasting so I figured I’d up the BCAAs to large amounts like 20 grams pre and 20 post.

Let me tell you - I have so much friggin energy I feel like I can run a marathon on these things. Is this normal? I really don’t think it’s placebo effect because I didn’t even think about them until afterwards and then was like - OHHHH YEAH. I ran 5 miles today and I felt awesome.

BCAAs rock!! Going to start upping the amounts even more. Is there even an upper limit to these things??

Not much of an upper limit. You will go broke before you could ingest to much on a regular basis. Mass dosing has been recommended by Thibs and backed by his own experience to greatly increase mass. And this is 10g before, 60-70g during, and 10-15g post. And yes, the do provide you with what seems to be extra energy.