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BB's to watch: Anthoneil Champagnie


Gets well over 260-270 in the off season and will no doubt be pro soon.




Wow, I remember just a couple of years ago seeing him in the Natural BBing mags. Always had great size and shape for his frame. In one of the more recent muscle rags, he credits a lot of his new progress to working with Kevin English.... I'd credit it to 'something else' -lol

Very curious to see how he does in his new arena though.



Wow, impressive physique. A beast.


Kevin English isn't afraid to eat. He wrote his usual gaining diet in the latest MD mag and many here would fall to the floor gasping if they read it judging by how they act about what I eat.

Putting that extra size on the off season (I saw -AC-at over 260lbs with full abs showing 2 years back so his potential is through the fucking roof right now) seemed to help him greatly. He also seems to have no problem getting into contest shape.


How tall is he?

Man, I just broke 260 and I don't look like that :frowning:


Im guessing he's pretty short and weighs about 210 in contest shape.


Kinda has Phil Heath like lines...

Except his arms don't blow his delts and chest out of the water.


AGE 28


WEIGHT 215 pounds


I'm going to preface my post with this:


I think it is pretty obvious that Stu is alluding towards an increased use of AAS and/or other drugs.

Prof... You SEEM to be implying that the increased size is due to increased eating and you're dismissing (or diminishing) the possibility of increased drug use?

Am I correct?

I am not a hater. I don't hate on people who use cause I know steroids arent a magic drug. You still have to train hard as hell, bust your ass in the gym, eat like theres no tomorrow and get enough rest to do it all again the next day... No ammount of drugs are going to turn your average Joe Blow 'gym rat' into Arnold. I could care less if someone is using or not using (unless they are competing in a 'natural' event and are not 'natural')

I'm just looking to clarify/have an intelligent adult conversation and am not looking to start an argument.

Champagnie looks impressive as hell and has an awesome physique... seems like maybe his conditioning could be a little better (his lower body looks a lot more shredded than his upperbody does in the contest pics that were posted) Just like you said Prof... He'll have his pro card soon.


Looks pretty damn good!

Not a fan of the pec shape personally (the lower edge being slanted that way while standing relaxed or with arms at the side, if that makes sense) but whatever... Overall shape is really great, and he actually has some serious triceps on him.


Aw c'mon man...


He kinda reminds me of a shorter version of cedric mcmillan.No wonder he is getting bigger.Kevin English looks like a shaved silverback gorilla.


Is there a link to that article about English's diet?



Is there some reason so many of you bring up steroids in every single freaking thread about a bodybuilder? I could see if that was a part of the discussion...but it wasn't. This thread was not about speculating who might be using what...which is all most of you are doing anyway unless you know these guys personally and are in the room when they are using anything.

Why do this continually? Does it make you feel good to do that?


No. It is in the magazine. You know...you could try buying one.


For the recored I wasn't the one who originally brought it up. I was just asking a question to clarify.


I know you didn't. Stu did and it applies to him just like it applies to anyone else who runs with it.

This thread was not created to speculate about who is using what. I also get tired of that being the focus in every thread if we EVER discuss a bodybuilder or lifter who is way bigger than most of the people responding.

I don't see the same attempt in reverse at all...ever.



Lee Priest went off on him in his own column in MD because of the fact that he weighs in at 202 and then blows back up to damn near 220lbs by the time he hits the stage. Priest says he shouldn't be able to do that.

English says he is only using the same techniques he used as a wrestler and they do this in boxing all of the time.

I tend to agree with English. If everyone else was carrying that kind of mass and could suck down to 202 and then blow up by 20lbs, you can bet they would do it.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

However, I do wonder how we would do in open competition if he gets up to fucking 270lbs in the off season still lean.

That means as big as he looks on stage, he makes that look like he just started training when he blows up months later.

English doesn't avoid cookies and cake either when gaining. I know that alone would piss some people off.