BBS Question for New Cycle

So, new 6 week 5/3/1 cycle and been reading a lot about bbs but cant find it explained anywhere besides the 10x5 supplemental work… seems like its off from jim’s website… anyone have some outline of the program and/or the challenge?
Also, keeping the same % but doing 10x3 would be easier to recover / better for strenght/size? Triples seems to work amazing for me but wouldn’t want to fuck up any program except jim’s himself approve it.

I’m on my second cycle of it, and I love it. I’m just doing it for squat and press though and fsl 5x5 for the other two. The one from the book I’m doing is 5s Pro with fsl 10x5 for the lifts I’m doing it for. I’ve had zero problem with recovery, but I’m good about doing my mobility/recovery work and conditioning. Those have made a huge difference. Just make sure your TM is right and you rest enough to keep bar speed up on all your sets. I haven’t run the challenge for all four lifts, so maybe someone else can comment on that. The 10x5 wouldn’t do much for my bench and deadlift based on what I know about myself.

So it is done with fsl %? That means i have to adjust my TM

BBS is done with FSL. If you can’t do BBS with FSL, your TM is way, way off.

The people that make the biggest, strongest gains over the long term can ALWAYS do BBB with their FSL weights. They doesn’t mean they ALWAYS do them but they are able to do them.

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I can speak to this - I did BBB with FSL because I could and Jim told me to do it and see where I land.

I learned that even though I CAN do it, doesn’t meant that should do it; reason being, my recover suffers (I’m an ‘older/advanced’ lifter and I’m simply not going to down the 5000 calories I need to recover from squatting 330 pounds 50 times).

I wish that when I was lifting in my 20s that Jim had written these templates/programs back then because I know what BBB@FSL would have done for me. Now I’m almost 40 years old and BBB@FSL (in the squat) is just too much to recover from. I adjust my percentages for BBB to 55/60/65% instead of 65/70/75% in the squat - for the other lifts I can handle BBB@FSL no problem, including deadlifts, but I keep my deadlift TM around 70-75%, while my squat TM is 80-85%. Now that I wrote that, I should probably make my squat TM around 70-75% and do the BBB as prescribed.

Where can i read about the 7th week protocol? Still cant get my hands on the forever book but somehow looks like i messed up my TM… i used my 2 rep max as a max and took 85% of that as my TM doing the 5 forward 3 backwards but as the cycles went on it i probably should had reset my TM

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Subscibe to his forum. Voila!