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BBS & Meet Prep


Hey first off, thanks for all your writing and time you put back into helping out the strength community Jim. I've learned almost all I know from your books. I've got a few questions. Have currently been running the strength challenge template as detailed in beyond to the t. It's been great. I saw the bbs challenge on your site, and the question occurred to me, could that be used to prep for a meet, or would it be best to use that template as off season? Also, where do you find such awesome music?


I no longer believe in classic meet prep. It's a huge clusterfuck of people trying to do everything and anything wrong.
Instead, I believe in doing the right things, all the time. That is the essence of Never Peak Again I have a couple versions of NPA, one for PL (competitive PL: guys who actually do meets) and the rest of us dick-waggers.

So while all the challenges are awesome and I'm the first guy who thinks competition is needed (in some way) due to the de-evolution of the human body - it is not part of a competitive PL plan. I should rephrase that: it is not part of what I believe to be a plan.

Now you may put the BBS volume work into your own NPA plan: but I'm not sure that would work very well.


jim , when , where can we look on this npa-versions ?


The base is on my forum. The "athlete" one is getting done now and will be up on forum tonight or tomorrow. This is "regular dude" one as I believe people should train like an athlete.
As for the PL one, I don't have any time table for that. It's not a priority at this moment.


Hi Jim

I'm a member on your forum and am looking forward to read the new NPA version. Am I right in thinking the Regular guy / Athlete version of NPA is not up yet? or is this the one titled NPA for Beginners?



It's up. It's called Never Peak Again.


thanks Jim, I've see that one - just wondered what the above relates to?