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BBROCK's Indigo Training Log

What’s poppin’ people? I just ordered Indigo-3G for the first time, and I figured it was also a good time to start recording my log somewhere permanent rather than just using my whiteboard, which gets erased every 3 weeks.

I’m currently doing a version of the Texas Method, which I’ve been doing for a couple months now following a very long training hiatus. My main goal is strength, but would also like to lean down quite a bit too.

My strength gains have been nothing short of impressive, but obviously it’s not a program designed for fat loss. I haven’t lost anything around my midsection since the first month on the program, and I’m looking for something to help me to continue making linear strength gains while also decreasing my waist size.

Before I even start, I have a confession to make. I have a huge problem with diet compliance, mostly in the form of carbs…I could easily down a box of cereal in a moment of weakness, or have beer and pizza for dinner right after making a committment to eating healthy.

I rarely make it more than a week before things start to fall apart in that regard. I’ve been trying to fix this one for years, with little success. I’m starting to accept the fact that I can’t go without starches for very long before I start to obsess about them. Indigo sounds like it was designed for me.

Here are some baseline stats to get started:
Height: 69"
Weight: 210
Waist @ bellybutton: 37"

Most recent lifts:
Bench: 285x1
Squat: 395x1
Dead: 375x5
Standing OHP: 135x5x5 (PR)
Power Clean: 245x1
Weighted Chin: 50x1

I work out in my garage. Here is a pic of where the magic happens. Outside the frame is also a GHD, a treadmill and a pullup bar.