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BBQ Recipes

My brother is coming up to visit me with his new girlfriend and I would like to cook something special on the grill. I was thinking along the lines of rack of lamb and some lobster tails. Though I don’t have a good recipe for either. Plus any good ideas for sides would be good too.

I have a smaller Weber grill. About 24" x 24". I’m concerned I don’t have the surface area or volume to do anything too crazy but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure you check out this thread on Muscle With Attitude: “Recipes With Photos” http://www.t-nation.com/readTopicMwa.do?id=1498939

If you don’t find the recipe you need there just post your question and Chef Lisa Marie will post one for you. All of her recipes are delicious!

There’s recipe sections near the bottom of the page as well as a lot of other tips for the using the Weber grills.

Here is a quick, simple and tastey lamb bbq starter. Rub some olive oil onto lamb chops, then flash them in some curry powder then onto the grill, cook until tender and they taste great.