BBQ Question

So, I’m buying a barbecue.

I am deciding between the Broil King Regal 20 or the Soverign 70. The Sovereign has a rear rotisserie burner, but I don’t see the benefit of it. Apparently it reduces ‘flare-ups’ which is supposed to be a good thing. Can anyone tell me why? I like to have my meat licked by flames once in a while… what’s so bad about flare-ups?

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Well Z-Man, you just happen to have asked this question in the right place.

The rear rotisserie burner on the sovereign model will cook the food from just behind it instead of from directly below. SOME flare ups add to the flavour but when doing Whole Chicken, Turkeys, Ducks and fatty Roast Beast the flare ups can (and do) ruin your meal. If you have a charcoal model (Weber!, the ONLY Q you need…) you can bank your coals to eliminate this or on a gas model (better than raw…barely) you could shut one side down and place your meat over the “off” side and use the opposite side as a heat source and “spin” the meat around half-way through to evenly cook it…

If you are dead set on ruining perfectly good food (“Taste the meat not the heat” MY ASS!) I would go with the Sovereign model as you never know when you will have use for it…I would humbly suggest at least a smoker box and a blend of Fruit woods and Hickory/Mesquite for smokin’.

At the very least the smoker box will appease the BBQ Gods and your time in BBQ purgatory will be lessened.

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It reduces flare- ups because the drippings can’t drip onto the heat source.

A large piece of meat, with high fat content (or even moderate) requires a long cooking time. You will need to spend much of the cooking time standing guard with a spray bottle putting out fires, rather than hanging out with your guests.

If you do a lot of rotisserie cooking, then I would recommend it, assuming that price is not an issue.

Thanks! That really helps guys, Thanks a bunch. I think the Sovereign it will be then. I am definitely going to get a smoker box with it. Charcoal or wood burner would be better… oh well.

Now, another qustion, if I rotisserie a chicken with the back burner, where should I place the smoker box, considering that the lower burners will probably be off. I assume you place a drip tray below the meat to make a nice fatty grave afterwards.

LOL… Ok, I’m really not trying to be an ass here, Z-man, but I’m so surprised no one has given you shit yet about your proclivity for having your “meat licked” or desiring a “nice fatty grave”. teheheheeee

DAN C is right, I’m having a hell of a day! :wink:

I invented the gas grill. Mine is totally hardcore. It has 2,000,000,000 btus and produces more heat than the sun. It travels through time and can tell the future.
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~K~…another strong showing (as always) it is nice to know that when we need to re-think things to a sexier and more interesting way we have you as our beacon…move towards the light, move towards the light

Z’…that question can only be answered by checking the unit (go ahead, ~Karma~, go ahead…we’ll wait…)
and seeing if there is a ledge or other place to put the box where it will be heated sufficiently, there is nothing that will make your Q better than a Hot Box…

~K~…I said “Hot Box”…Hehe…


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The bigconan thread and all its dividends have made my day.

My .02, if it is gas fired it is an outdoor oven, not a barbecue pit.

I meant gravy, not grave, kinda spooky.

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tsk tsk karma. I didn’t get the ‘meat licked’ comment until today. My mind is not far enough in the gutter :slight_smile:

Z-man: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mine either. :wink:

I just get in moods some days and everthing seems to have a certain spin to it…

I have to disagree Cupcake. Everybody knows a Big Gas Grill will kill a Big Wood Grill every time. Its the law of the jungle man, grill or be grilled.

With apologies to conan the librarian.



You HAVE TO use charcoal or wood or something to that effect. Please lord not gas. You are making my ears and eyes bleed with such profanity!!!

I have a carcoal grill and a nice weber gas grill. my gas grill does nothing but store shit for my charcoal grill… Got to use charcoal !! New Braunsfeld (sp?) grills are the best IMO. $100 grill will last you 3-4 years from them… I am the grilling king !!

I’m seriously thinking I should get a Charcoal rather than Gas now. The only thing is, I want to use it 3 times a week or so, and I can see Charcoal/wood becoming enough of a hassle that I won’t use it nearly as much.

I am going to build a small fire pit in the yard, and design it to be a REAL barbecue. I’m still looking for a good plan for this one.

Decisions… Decisions…


Such heresy as “too much hassle” will get you banned from the “Q-Nation”, I suggest you get yourself a Charcoal chimney ($14.95 @ Walmart/Northland…I swear that’s the only thing I bought there, I did not, I repeat DID NOT buy my wife’s engagement ring there OR my Tuxedo…O.K…maybe some gauch but that’s it!).

The chimney makes charcoal grilling a breeze, 3 pieces of newsprint, a match and 15 minutes and you are the Grill Master…simple.

Podge…I suggest a Bare-Knuckle BBQ off to settle just who is King as I have long been the God of Grill, Pharo of Philogiston, Baron of Blaze, Sultan of Smoke, Count of Crisp, Monarch of Mesquite, Colonel of Conflagration, Foreman of Flare and the imitable Fanatic of Fire. Your proclamation seems to be somewhat of an encroachment of my well-marked and documented territory.

Briskets at Dawn, 10 paces, no mercy and may the best man win.

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Also, Weber makes a charcoal grill with a gas ignitor. Nothing better.

Z-MAN, I probably grill 2-3 times a week, with charcoal. You just have to have a good system… buy a ton of charcoal at a time, (here, they had 2-20lb bags for $9, on sale, and i bought 8 bags at a time, lasts a couple months) and buy a good chimey starter. Also, i have a 5 gallon bucket that i put the ashes in, scooped out with a garden shovel…

Go to the store with two of the same meat. Goto the showroom and test both of them. Bring a gun to hold off security untill you get to taste the meat. This way you will know for sure.:slight_smile: