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BBing.com Is Brutal, Switching Permanently to T Nation

When literally now literally means figuratively, I have lost all hope, haha.


I had no intention of responding, but I must say I find it amusing that you literally didn’t know how “literally” was defined, and literally received 8 likes for incorrectly challenging my use of “literally”. Btw, for clarification: have you “literally lost all hope”, or “figuratively lost all hope”? If you are unsure may I refer you to a dictionary such as the Merriam-Webster dictionary?

May all men who critique physiques have at least visibility defined Serratus Anterior. Also here is a link for you (@T3hPwnisher) just in case you are unfamiliar with the Serratus: https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-train-the-serratus

Thank you.

This post literally gave me an aneurysm.

I am writing this from the hosptial.

Also; I don’t think you find this amusing at all, you sly fox you.


I have been waiting for this day for a long time. The next month will involve me setting up “literally” traps everywhere I can and waiting to drop this…

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literally, i think the meaning of the word literally is very important. figuratively speaking.

Man, this is actually interesting but kind of disturbing. So if a majority of people continue to butcher you’re/your, it’s/its, then/than etc, do those words at some point become officially interchangeable? Always easiest to just lower the bar these days I guess, works for about everything.

Also every time I read the word literally, it’s in Parks and Rec’s Chris Traeger’s voice.


Where is James Cameron when you need him, literally.

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Happens all the time sadly. Happened to peruse, happened to irregardless, etc.

It’s why I employ mockery. Easiest way to keep the meaning in our hearts.

Language is goofy though. I have been discombobulated before, but can’t even recall the last time I have been combobulated.


Do you know that there has been a murderer who posted and another who filmed his suicide on that forum? There are very troubled people on that forum.

Ugh, I’m glad this bothers someone else, too.

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Common use of words might be ok for sheep, but I only conjugate with lions.


Likewise, I have been nonplussed many times, but I can’t recall ever being plussed.


This literally makes me want to scratch my brains out through my ears.

Only been there two years but never heard of such a thing. Wtf

“inflammable” made me cuss at my English teacher in Israel. No way a language could be so stupid as to have a word that meant completely opposite things.

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Look up flammable if you really want to be impressed :slight_smile:

I literally love the direction this thread has now taken

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Literally just posted in the wrong thread, lol.


Flabbergasted. I disagree with that definition entirely.

I think it should mean being made to laugh so hard that you accidentally fart.

“Louie CK had me laughing so hard I flabbergasted.”.