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Hey Jim. I’ve got a question about the new beach body challenge. Following the first three weeks are we to increase the tm like usual, or do we keep the same tm and just beat the records? Thanks for any clarification.

Side note: Jim- where do you find most of your new music?

After the third week, you’ll raise your TM for each lift. The squat, deadlift, and hang clean will be raised 10 pounds per lift. If your hang clean TM is under 200 pounds, increase the TM by only 5 pounds.

The press will be raised 5 pounds. For the remainder of the challenge (3 weeks), you’ll repeat the sets/reps/percentages above with the new training maxes. Remember that all percentages listed in the program are based on your Training Max.

Above was cut and pasted from article.

Find new music via networking with musicians - Internet can be a good resource if you know where to look. Best new thing I’ve heard in awhile has been Divider - All Barren. It’s damn good. This has been the best year of releases ever. There is a half dozen superb releases this year that should keep me happy for a decade. People need to learn to actually listen to music, listen for the nuances. People listen once and move on. Sad.

Be wary of using the acronym “BBC”.

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[quote]Jim Wendler wrote:

Be wary of using the acronym “BBC”. [/quote]