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BBC Bodybuilding Documentary

If you guys have about 50 minutes to kill, take a look at this.


Some humorist aspects and some revealing.

Anyways, enjoy.

Goddamit! Did you see the blond girl at the end,she was a MAN !!!
She even had the beard “shadow” on her face for taking so many roids…she must have had more meds and drugs on her body than an entire hospital…

Look on the side bar, the “eat like a pro” thing was pretty cool. It dispelled a lot of myths about how pros on gear eat.

Holy crap! I think I met Guy (the bodybuilder featured at the start of the clip) in a club in Sydney a few years ago. He is a great bloke, a bit weird though.

A group of friends and I were trying to get into a club in Sydney wearing togas (we had just come from a dress-up party). Guy was in the que behind us and was trying to convince the bouncer that we were with him (apparently Guy knew the manager). The bouncer pointed out that Guy was not wearing a toga and so could not be in our group. So Guy promptly demanded one of our togas to wear and swapped clothes with my friend, who was more than a few sizes too small. Guy eventually got the manager to come out and not only did we get in but they gave us free drinks!

We hung out for about an hour before the people that Guy had met up with in the club wanted to kick on so we swapped clothes back.

A weird event to say the least. But the fact that he would go through all that for a bunch of bed-sheet wearing Uni student proves the man is more than a bit nuts and a great bloke.