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BBB's Para-Workout Nutrition for PED users:


BIg A, can you elaborate on your protocol for me in this forum as to the difference between your non PED version, and the PED version please?

Btw mate, you missed responding to my question directed back at you on the thread I started in Supp/Nutri, if you could make one more stop over there too, that would be splendid!!!

Thank you.


I'd be interested in hearing this, too.


Hey Mr...!

On a side note, that back shot is fantastic big boy!! What a difference from your last contest buddy..I've been meaning to tell you that, lol.

Talk about seperation, wow, fucking wow..:slight_smile:



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From now on, it's "pay per view"...


Oh, uh right then.

Yeah too bad about the other thread. It's been turned invisible somehow by some unknown force, and damnit, I didn't get a chance to read all the replys.

Well phuk me sideways.




God I love that position! = )


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I was kidding. I wish you the greatest success with your consultation venture. We all have to make a buck. Sure it will be a loss for the forum and its members, but what could be better than making a living doing something you are passionate about?


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haha...i knew this day was coming!

as soon as it comes out in book form each post of BBB's is probably going to myteriously dissapear...although getting rid of 10,000 posts would be a daunting task...haha.

glad to hear things are close to launch time with the consulting business BBB....I am sure you will do well with it.


I did. :slightly_smiling:


I feel you - i have been getting my site underway so i can vastly increase my client base for very similar training goals - covering muscle, performance, diet, drug, etc. consultancy - and i have been battling with 'not saying too much' on topics mentioned here.. for the same reasons you gave - you can't charge one man and give another one the info for free.

However - i have found that in actuality, the advices given by my business are vastly more valuable than comments and basic advice given here. I mean, i give a hell of a lot more than 'a cycle' to my clients - even if i give a similar cycle here.
Plus while i may well advise a very basic cycle in my business, i would not advise a particularly complex one here.

It is like telling someone the answer with no other information - that's what i do here - compared to telling a client the questions, all possible answers and how to work through them to the next level and beyond.. 9not sure if that metaphor works but...)



I'm curious to know what you and Bushy are going to charge for your training/cycling advice?

How bout it?


I don't know what they will charge but I take my hat off to anyone who succeeds in launching a business. It takes a lot of work and dedication. There are many obstacles to overcome, not the least of is satisfying your clientele which involves a lot of hand holding at the beginning and good service throughout.

An example is my friend who is a trainer at my gym. He has been there a long time and his passion has never wavered. He used to manage the place, but now is an independent trainer and rents his office there. He is part of the fabric of the gym and his qualities include a love of all sports (he was watching the Tour de France on his laptop in between customers), great work ethic, friendly demeanor, extremely pleasant to talk to, focus on his customer during their time (will not engage in small talk with others which steals time from customer - instead gently deflects or quickly responds to those that chat with him). He also employs part of the Hippocratic oath - "first do no harm" in sizing up a trainee and concentrating on good form. In short he is a gem of a human being.

I have seen many trainers come and go, but my bud just chugs along 6 days a week (1/2 day Saturday). He fills his days with an average of 8 training sessions at $50 each. We are taxed heavily here, but most who collect cash declare only enough to avoid an audit. When we go to lunch and he pulls out his money to pay, there is always an abundance. He deserves every penny because he has lined all his ducks in a row. That's what it takes to succeed.

Normally customer cost is kept relatively low until one makes a name for himself, then it can go up to what the market supports.


Thats a fine line to walk developing a business based around advising people how to use illegal drugs. With the crap you already went through i would advise against it, but regardless hope you succeed. Just remember in that game it only takes a little bit of the wrong kind of attention and you are f*ck*d.


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