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BBB's Mitochondrial Protocal


Bushidobadboy- you have discussed a mitochondrial protocol before. Can you let me in on what this is and how it works?


If I'm not mistaken this was Q10 300mg daily (in 3 x 100mg doses) for 3 months.

I'll leave the science of it up to BBB, but I've had both my parents on this and my mom went from having high blood pressure to near perfect health within that time, as well as more energy. Even her doctor was impressed.

My dad is still on the protocol.


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Well she was(is) healthy, but the doctor was surprised how much her BP had improved - it's still just about perfect an it's been well over a year since she did the protocol. She did indeed have the RYR + CoQ10 formula.

My dad's fine I think, except he ran out of CoQ10 because of poor planning so took a break and started it again. His BP is more or less ok, he's just hoping for an overall improvement but he's generally healthy.


Would you recommend doing this periodically (e.g. once a year for 3 months) or as needed?

Just found a reasonably priced source of this so I might try it soon. Much more affordable than your centrophenoxine protocol (which I still want to try soon). Unless you have a secret source for that :wink:



For the RYR+Q10 formula...

What are the dosages used? I know BBB recommended 300mg Q10 daily (3x 100mg) but what about the RYR?

I assume RYR = red yeast rice?


Could you be so kind and share your source? I am really struggling to find Q10 that wouldn't ruin my already pencilneck thin budget...


I'll send you a PM with what I've found in a minute. Not sure if it's the cheapest, but it's much cheaper than what I've seen before.



Best to share emails guys, PM privileges tend to be revoked otherwise - this is a business after all.

Yup, I believe it was 500-600mg red yeast rice and 100mg Q10 per capsule - there's a few formulas with those doses if you Google them. I can email them over if you like?


Yes, please. My mom and dad are on Crestor/Lipitor and I want to try this out on them. And myself, too...


Thanks for that BBB. I will give it a try pretty soon here.


BBB, have you noticed any significant improvement in your energy levels while on the protocol?


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are you taking it for a certain reason? or can some one in decent general health see benefits?

also take on empty stomach i assume?


CoQ10 is fat soluble.

But my question is: Does it affect the nervous system?


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Sounds like the kinda thing I need for my MA in interpreting commencing this Sept, I am intrigued! Can you build up tolerance to Q10?


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Did energy levels remain pretty high though?


If anyone wants the names of a couple of products with decent amounts of RYR/Q10, PM me...

As for me, I've just started taking Receptormax (12 a day) which I'm assuming has a decent amount of Q10 in it. No RYR, obviously.