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BBB's HGH Latest Thoughts for Low Dose Long Term?


For a friend, Seriously! Really!
Ok I'm trying to help out a buddy here seriously! He is 47 and has been athletic and lifting since teenage years, has a "nice" build that the ladies have seemed to appreciate all these years, we always tease him that he looks like Bob Paris' skinny straight little brother.
He recently had an accident which gave him two messed up legs and a damaged shoulder including a full width rotator tear. Two months of inactivity have left him fat and out of shape - at least in his opinion - his has done some reading and decided to start on low dose HGH, maybe permanently. Pre-accident he was 5'10" 180lbs 12.xx% bf
Most important desired result is fat loss then collagen and injury repair of typical 47 yr old chronic joint and tendon issues. Protocol that he is comfortable with as far as cost and effect is 2 -2.5iu daily in am. I said we should read up on T-Nation and see what's up. After reading everything we could find here I'm overwhelmed, BBB's stuff seems to make a lot of sense but it seems most posts relating to this scenario appear to be about 2 years old.

So the question is whats the latest on HGH for low dose long term given all the above?

I am leaning towards one of these :

"Using 4iu EOD (2iu first thing in the am when gh levels are already high and then another 2iu 30 mins before doing your workout to help mobilize fat to be burned as fuel)...do both of these shots IM


Using 6iu E3D (2iu early am, another 2iu 30 mins before working out, and another 2iu after your workout so you are inducing maximum growth)...again all these would be IM shots"

summed up very nicely in this thread by FuriousGeorge
WHAT SAY YOU GENTS??? Appreciate any input or direction to thread we may have missed or just a short answer, may be no need to justify just say "this" LOL


Three days and no reply so we will run with what we got on the EOD program. I know there are multiple possible reasons why people in the know would not want to respond at this time, all kinds of respect to you all. My buddy was in town for an assessment of his shoulder and will head home in the am. Three days ago he was a complete noob to pinning anything but is now up to speed. He had done a lot of internet research on HGH but agreed with me that what he found on this site made the most sense and was easy to follow. Thanks T-Nation!

BBB - Thanks to you especially for your efforts, FuriousGeorge as well if you are around !


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Much Respect Sir!