BBB with Krypteia Assistance?

Hey guys I trained a long time with boring but big.
First 4 days a week, later I was honest and did it 3 days a week.
Then I did krypteia for one complete cycle and was very happy, but I missed the OHP a lot.

What do you think about doing BBB with krypteia assistance 3 days a week.

Squat 5s pro + 5x10
Supersetted with dips and Chins

Bench press 5s pro + 5x10
Supersetted with DB squat and SLDL

Deadlift 5s pro + 5x10
Superset with dips and chins

Initally the normal krypteia
But continues 2nd week with

OHP 5s pro + 5x10
Supersetted with DB squat and SLDL

Wednesday squat…

Friday bench…

Monday deadlift

Wednesday OHP
Friday squat

2nd thought
On upper days do 3 sets of dB squat 3 sets of SLDL
And 5 sets of chest supported rows.
Instead of 6 squat and 5 sldl


I believe the original plan has you doing everything in 5s . But deadlifting 10s in a tri set would be pushing the limits I’d think. Your Tm would have to be very low. And even then it would be very taxing long term.

Idk if youve seen Jim’s talk at the 2018 sports performance summit (I believe elite fts hosted it?) but check it out on YouTube. He talks about the high school football team he works with and progress they’ve made. It’s very eye opening in regards to how he structured his training.

I did not mention tri sets I did mean
Like in the krypteia template

I see. Honestly I scanned it and didn’t see that. For me I just don’t like deadlifting in a high rep range while doing other things. It’s up to you of course as it’s your training. As fatigue sets in I’d feel like I’d be sacrificing form (and potentially my low back health).

Have you ever done BBB?

This is actually very similar to the setup I’m currently using. Krypteia is just a specific BBB template, were you use prescribed assistance and superset it. I see nothing wrong with your approach, assuming you are in good enough condition to do high rep squats and superset them with pull ups (often weighted) and dips. I also like to do rows as assistance on upper pushing days, keep the OHP in, and extend the “week” to 9 days.

My current template:
Squat 5’s PRO + BBB, superset with weighted pull ups and dips

Bench 5’s PRO + BBB, superset with rows, ab roll outs, and DB SLDL (I do 5x10 of each assistance move, so I typically do the rows and ab roll outs between each Bench as supersets, and finish with the lower body move as a standalone 5x10)

DL 5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL, superset with weighted pull ups and dips. Also, I do 5x5 of power cleans or muscle snatches to start. BBB with the DL is too much for me.

OHP 5’s PRO + BBB, same superset as as Bench but usually change up the type of rows and lower body assistance. I might do inverted ring rows and lunges, for example.

I have done BBB for a lot of cycles.
Did my best results with the BBB challenge 2 years ago.
But life got more stressed had 1 year training break and started after that again with BBB 3 days a week due to better recovery.
Did that for a half year and then I did a full cycle of krypteia.
Actually after a 4 week break wanna continue.

Okay, better answer than I was expecting. Why do you feel combining the two would be a smart idea?

Since you’ve done BBB, you will concur with me that it’s a very hard program if done properly. I can’t speak for krypteia as I haven’t tried it, but Jim himself says it’s challenging as well.

I feel like combining the two would be overkill. There is value to training the way you like, but you also have to weigh training enjoyment against results.

Did you not like the BBB challenge? If you had the best results with it, why not do it again if you feel you can nail it?

I Cannot train 4 days a week more. Like a did at the challenge.
Only time to hit the gym 3 days a week. And with waking up child’s at night not the best recovery.
3 days a week worked well this year but I wanted a higher frequency, so I changed to krypteia for doing 3 days a week the whole body. Progress was great.
But I really missed the overhead press. And feeled like I got weaker in it.
Initially at boring but big squatting every 9 or 10 days seems a little bit too long time between, I was doing progress but really slow,
I was feeling more I could afford more frequency.
That was the thinking of implementing the OHP
So combined 3 days a week BBB with krypteia assistance.

I’ve done Krypteia. What he’s doing is not really combining the two (meaning BBB and Krypteia). Krypteia is just a BBB program, but with specific assistance exercises and drops the OHP (after the first acclimation cycle). It has only two harder assistance moves per workout, but these are pushed pretty hard (like weighted pull ups, weighted dips).

This is my favorite way to do 531: BBB as the supplement and with supersetted assistance. What he writes is certainly within the guidelines of a BBB template with appropriate assistance choices.

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Have an example of that?

Sure. Here’s my current plan:

Squat 5’s PRO + BBB, superset with 5x10 weighted pull ups and 5x10 weighted dips. So I squat, 10 dips, squat, 10 pull up, squat, 10 dips, etc…

Bench 5’s PRO + BBB, superset with rows, ab roll outs. Same idea as above. For this day, I will often do some lower body work at the end. Like 5x10 SL dead lifts, or farmer’s walks, or KB swings.

DL 5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL, superset with weighted pull ups and dips. Note for DL is like 5x5 FSL rather than 5x10, which can be too much for me. I may add some other work like an olympic lift variation to account for less volume on the main lift.

OHP 5’s PRO + BBB, same superset as as Bench but usually change up the type of rows and lower body assistance.

I run a 9 day week, meaning I do 3 of these a week.

This is more what I was referring to. DL is set to 5s. When forever first came out I ran this and used 5s on deads as well. Honestly what I ran looked very similar to what you have here.

Because this reminds of of the 5/3/1 strength circuits, have you ever ran them? I’ve considered it closer I get to summer.

Yes, I’ve run the strength circuits. I like them. I have liked pretty much all the templates from Forever that I have tried, and also really liked the limited time widowmaker in the Forever book. That said, I often make a few adjustments depending on the template:

  1. I don’t typically like doing deads at 5x10. Even with a trap bar, that’s too much for me given the other activities I like to do (and my age).
  2. I will swap out back squats for zercher squats occasionally, still using 531 progressions.
  3. I will swap out bench press for weighted dips occasionally, still using 531 progressions.
  4. I will drop the OHP from time to time, and instead do plenty of plate raises, incline DB presses, and rear delt raises as assistance for that cycle.
  5. I will also do different programs between full 531 programs. Like a Dan John or Chad Waterbury. Just for a change up.

Looks like what I was thinking about

That’s awesome. I have a nice set of farmer bars I could use for dead lifts as they’re about the same as a trap bar. I may give these things a go after I finish another cycle of SST I’m currently on. I don’t have th book sitting in front of me but I think the tm is set to 80%.

You could just keep doing Krypteia but superset OHP with DL instead of the assistance. If you keep the pull-ups or rows on squat day, you should be fine on back work. RDL with shrug, goblet squat, DL, OHP and pull-ups/rows should be plenty. For sure plenty of upper back. You could throw in a set or two of DB pullovers or some other lat isolation exercise if you were really worried about lat work.

For OHP you could do top set + any supplemental option or do assistance instead of supplemental.

There should be no problem at all. You’re doing Krypteia, but doing the press day in there. You’re lifting the same amount of days, same amount of volume, it’d just take you a longer to get through a cycle.

That was my thought,
Just looked for confirmation or any advices that this is a bad idea