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BBB with Different Order of Lifting Days

Hello guys, really stupid question, last week i’ve started running BBB template but doing in this kind of order 1. Deadlift day 2. Bench day 3. Squats 4.Press. I’ve just noticed that the book says to do 1. Squats 2. Bench 3. DL 4. Press. Am i making a huge mistake running it like i’ve started or should i switch?

You are fine.

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Thanks for your answer.
Would you mind to help me with another dumb question which i’ve came across setting up my weights?
For example.: if the weight is 38.25 kg for BBB sets, do people round it to 40 or 37.5? Using spreadsheet which rounds to the higher percentage, and found some kind of app for 5/3/1 which rounds for the lower one, bit confused, because the weight would up a little bit during the workout.

As long as you’re consistent it doesn’t really matter. My spreadsheet rounds down to the nearest 2.5 kgs for everything

I always round up. Just pick one and always round up or down.