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BBB Variation 1 or 2?

Anybody on here have a preference of running BBB variation 1 or 2? (Or does it matter?)

The first 18 months or so that I was on 5/3/1 I primarily ran BBB variation 1 (sometimes did sets with SS bar, hex bar, swiss bar or box squat for shits and giggles) and experienced nice progress.

When Beyond 5/3/1 came out this summer I switched to FSL paused reps and my lifts skyrocketed for about two months until I got put on a night shift Wed-Sat in early September and everything plummeted.

I’m going to be on night shift half of the week for about the next 2-3 months so I’ve really cut down my TM and will focus on getting high reps and adding muscle since fatigue is kinda screwing with my ability to hit heavier weights/lower reps. My BBB sets will be done in the 50-60% range. This should work nicely with putting on a glorious winter bulk, hopefully.

Just want to know if anyone out there has run both variations and has any advice on positives or negatives (or even if the difference is neglible).


I haven’t personally, but doing a 2 day a week BBB variation with a possible third day for weak spots/abs/grip may be a good idea for you.

I am currently seeing nothing but good things from the SSS program. Feelsgoodman

I’m doing variation 2 right now. I tried 1, but my joints didn’t like it. Doing variation 2 seems to agree with me more. I also like hitting everything twice a week. I seem to grow better from that. Have had good gains in my shoulders and upper back. Strength has been on a steady increase, as well.

What part of GA do you live in?

Thanks for the input KCthick! Hypertrophy and recovery are the two main issues I’m considering with my question.

I’m in the Augusta area

No problem. Though, one might argue that var 1 would give you more recovery due to having more time between each body part. I would love to do var 1 for a bit, but for me, doing the press for 5/3/1, then doing BBB on the press right after just left my joints in a bad state, where as var 2 keeps my shoulders feeling better.

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Yeah you would think doing them on separate days would hinder recovery but a belief I have is that doing them all on the same day may be harder on recovery. Because of fatigue during the final BBB sets causing form breakdown and more stress on joints and muscles (in my case especially with my hips/lower back in the squat). When my back problems were the worst last spring I switched my main squatting movement to the box squat with the free squat as the BBB and this fixed it pretty nice. I switched back to both completely free squatting this past summer and still had no issues.

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