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BBB Using Supplemental Lifts for Krypteia Re-run

Hi all,

After finishing krypteia and taking a couple weeks of 7th week protocol-style training, I’m ready to start up again.

I really like the krypteia set up but wanted to make some changes, if for nothing else, to keep me interested and add variety. I like the 3-day a week set up for barbell lifts, and wanted to try:

(using 85% TM)

Squat 531
Front squat BBB
Assistance/set up same as Krypteia

OHP 531
OHP with parallel grip using multi-grip olympic bar BBB
Assistance/set up same as Krypteia

DL 531
Trap bar DL BBB
Assistance/set up same as Krypteia

Tues= soccer
Thursday= soccer + yoga class
Sunday = easy run, mobility
Saturday = rest

I would do two cycles of this, and then an anchor where I drop BBB sets to 5x5 FSL.
BBB sets would be done at 65-70%TM. Of course would do warm up, mobility each day except Saturday.

Goal: to keep making progress over the long haul, avoid injury/burnout, and maintain athleticism to continue competing at sports.

Rationale: I liked the tough, integrated assistance exercises of krypteia and that they were bodyweight/compound focused. I liked that even though one lift was emphasized each lift day, each workout is very much a total body workout. Also, my bench press is far and away my strongest lift (relative to my others), and my OHP could use some catching up.

Seem okay? Any thoughts on improvements? Thanks in advance.