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BBB The Rule of 50

I’ve spent the last few months running Coffinworm out of 531 Forever. Great program. I’ve really enjoyed it and plan on running it for one more cycle. At some point I would like to increase the training volume. The Rule of 50 has always appealed to me but I’ve never run it. Does anyone have any experience with it and if so how long did you run this template? I would think 2-3 cycles max would be about all you could realistically handle with that kind of volume at the higher percentages.

It seems fine to me at those percentages is manageable assuming your TM isn’t too high. At minimum you could probably break it into 10 sets of 5 but obviously the first sets are easier than the last so you can probably start with more than 5 reps and end with more on the last set. If you allowed weight changes during the sets there are other ways to do this too.

Thanks for the response. Did you go for PR’s with the 531 work or just the prescribed reps?

Rule of 50 is generally done with FSL and done with the main work being 5’s PRO.

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That makes sense. Thanks Jim