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BBB: Split the 5x10 Volume in Two Exercises?


Reason is I want to do some exercises 2x per week so I thought about splitting the 5x10 volume, e.g, instead of only Bench 5x10, I’d do:
OHP 5/3/1
Bench 3x10
Dips 2x10
total=50 reps, same as if it was 5x10

Pulling: instead of only dumbbell row 5x10, I’d do:
Pendlay Row 5x5
Pull up 3x10
total=55 reps

Pulling other day, instead of only chin up 5x10, I’d do:
Weighted chin up 5x5
Dumbbell row 3x10
total=55 reps

What do you guys think? Is it a good idea or I’d be totally running away from the idea of BBB?


I just don’t really see the point honestly. You should be doing pull ups all the time. Jim is a huge advocate of this due to wanting more pulling than pushing. Just try BBB as it is written and then fuck with it after you finish a few cycles or whatever you’re doing. Its written as is because it works as is.


How many years have you used BBB as your leader program?


This would no longer be Boring But Big. Look at Triumvirate if you want more exercise selection


Stick to the program as is. Jim picked those lifts for a reason. Easily one of the most successful programs I’ve ever tried.