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BBB: Same Lift or Opposite Lift?

I just started my first leader cycle of BBB a few weeks ago and I’ve been doing my 5x10 of the same exercise because I like that I don’t have to warm up again, move the bar anywhere, etc. The only thing that feels odd is that because I’m lifting 3 days a week it’s like 9 days before I do the same lift again. Is this too infrequent? Or does frequency not matter because the total work over those 9 days is the same?

I do a similar set up, running Pervertor 3x a week. That program uses a combination of BBB, FSL, and SSL, but that doesn’t matter in regards to your question since it’s the same 9-day gap between lifts.

Short answer: the same lift for 531 and BBB works great, and the extra time off between the big lifts have been great.

More detailed answer: Do assistance work that makes up for the time gap. Do DB squats on BP, OHP days. Do DB incline bench on Squat, DL day. Do straight leg deads as assistance. It works out nicely to a well rounded program where every 9 days you really hit a big lift hard, and in the meantime you do easier versions for assistance (but they’re still challenging and their impact adds up over time).

That makes sense, although for BBB in Forever, Jim recommends doing only abs for single leg/lower body stuff. For upper body assistance I’ve been doing rows, chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, bicep curls, tricep pushdowns.

Just do the Krypteia program; if you can handle it, are conscientious about quality and know how to hone your TM, you will reap the benefits. Not everyone has the body or mind for the program, though.

But in general, you’ll be fine not squatting every 4 minutes. Our kids trained for 4 months without squatting, came back to it and it took them all of one workout to get back right where they were when they left off. Internet lore says they would have forgotten how to do the movement, possibly putting the bar in their mouth and flap their arms like an albatross.

Sometimes I think the Internet Yodas make squatting to be a skill as dexterous as brain surgery. And really, it’s not.


Thanks for the confirmation! I think I’ll stick with BBB for now but I’ll take another look at Krypteria

God, I nearly choked on my water haha