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BBB Progression Question



I'm starting BBB variation 2 (squat/dl - press/bench) and will follow the BBB progression from beyond book (from 5x10 to 5x1). I have couple question about this:

When the intensity raises should I change to variation 1?

If I do 5x10 months with variated movements, should I do regular ones when intensity raises? (dont see point doing 5x1 close grip bench or SLDL).

I'll do this 3d/week with 4week cycles. Should I still do 2 cycles a row before deload?

PS. I wont be doing sumo pulls at all - just conventionals.


You can do it several ways. You don't have to used a varied movement you can just switch squat and deadlift 5x10's meaning do 5x10 deadlifts on squat day, etc. Personally, I would do a ramp up to the standard 50% like one cycle 30%, one 40% and then a deload before jumping into the challenge to get use to the volume. You should deload, the volume combined with heavy compound movements will wear you down fast even with recovery on point.


I'm using the squat/dl etc. split. I just thought that many of these variances would be good in 5x10 months, but better to change when the 5x5, 5x3 etc. comes around. I just need to know is this okay or should I stay with same movements whole time (6-8 cycles).


Thanks for the feedback though, I will ue the deload written in the book. I will need it.


Stay with the same movements. The idea that you need to " confuse your body" or "the best workout for you is the one you are not doing" are gimmicks. Or said by really shitty programmers/lifters.


This "confusing my body" BS wasn't in my thoughts at the first place. But I understand, I'll stay with the same movements (that'll be the regular ones). Simpler the better, eh?

Thanks for the answer!