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BBB Opposite Lift

Jim, if one would do a couple of cycles of bbb with opposite lift, what percentage of tm are you supposed to do your 5x10 work with?

Is it still 50-60%? Or are you supposed to go for more?

Edit, oh yeah, i have another non related question.
Whats the best substitute for good mornings?

It’s the same. You’re focussing on getting volume in so think less about how tired each session makes you and more on making each rep perfect with strong and powerful bar movement.

This will pay off big time when you move onto cycles which focus on higher intensity.

I prefer Good Mornings, but will substitute RDLs for a few cycles a year. I don’t think it’s a direct replacement, but the movement is similar. The extra grip work from the RDLs is a nice benefit, although I usually add some Back Raises when I take out Good Mornings.

So for me: Good Mornings > RDL + Back Raises, but I’m just one idiot surrounded by smart folk.

I agree with you Tepford about good mornings. Every time I’ve had them in my training, my squat and deadlift have seemed to progress better than when I replaced them with something else. I have a safety bar in my home gym now, so I do pretty much all my good mornings with it. Squats and GMs with that bar have made a bigger difference in my lifts than anything else I’ve done.

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As tsantos said its the same but its not so much about the percentages but the 5x10 work being done. I like to do this for 1st cycle after reset then fsl for 3 cycles after that all with different variations.

Thanks! Good answer. But, what am i supposed to move on to? BBS challenge followed by another couple of bbb and repeat or what?