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BBB + Olympic Weightlifting?

Hi I’m going to start 12 weeks of BBB next month after a weightlifting cycle. The goal is to put on 10-15lbs. I tend to overeat later in the year, so I’m going to put that calorie surplus to work.

I still want to keep up a minimal amount of practice on the snatch and clean. Jerk can wait.

How would you suggest fitting it in? Choices are.

  1. Empty bar positional work on warm up
  2. As an accessory (which day?)
  3. On a separate day (a 5th day of training)

I don’t need a lot of volume. Just enough to keep the movement pattern. Happy to keep it light.

At the same time, I want to be able to recover between sessions, keep it simple and not add a bunch of random shit.

I appreciate your feedback.

Just do it in place of the jumps and throws. 3-5 x 2-3 would be sufficient, no?


I would just throw in 10 reps between 50%-70% as a warm up for lower body day. On the Minute sets, or “EMOM” sets would serve you pretty well. 50%x2, 60%x2, 65%x2, 70%x2x2. Each set is on the minute, so you’d get a 5 min EMOM before your main work.


You definitely don’t have to do it this way, but if it were me, I would think about:

  1. Hang/Block Stuff

BBB tends to beat you up in the lower body, so I would keep any “pulling/deadlifting” to a minimum. This includes pulling full or power snatches/cleans from the floor. Doing things from the hang, or especially blocks would save my lower back/hips/legs a ton of stress. If I’m already thrashing them with the huge blunt object that is BBB volume, I don’t need any extra deadlifts in my life.

  1. Following Bench with Snatch

Bench tightens up my shoulders and chest the next day. So trying to get loosened up for the snatch the day after a 5x10 on bench wouldn’t be fun, especially if you have to train early morning. If you’re only planning on 3x/wk then it isn’t as huge of an issue, but if you for some reason need to workout monday night, then turn around and do a 6am workout tues morning, a BBB bench would interfere with my overhead position the next day. Again, this is just what I know happens for me personally, everyone is different.

  1. When you do the BBB stuff
    This goes along with following bench with snatch. I wouldn’t insert my snatches on the day after you do an upper body day, nor would I insert the snatches or cleans on a day after I did BBB for squats or DL.
    So for example, if I planned on doing squats on monday (5s PRO and BBB), I wouldn’t insert my cleans on that Tues. Same thing with the BBB deadlifts, the 5x10 would wreck all the things I need fresh to help practice and improve my snatch and clean.
    Again, if you’re just a 3x/wk it doesn’t really matter, but it can get tricky training successive days on the 4 day templates.

Anyway just my $.02. Good luck